6 Best And Free Android Cleaner Apps In 2019 To Clear RAM And Cache

In tHere we are with our new topic related to Cleaner Apps for Android Devices. Firstly I am going to tell you about Cleaner Apps, What do you mean by Cleaner Apps? Cleaner apps are those apps by which you can clean or wipe all unwanted data or cache which only causes problems in your device. You can keep your phone safe from junk and cache with cleaning apps.

I have so many queries related to Cleaning Apps like everyone gets confused which one is best for there Android. And mainly every Android user has the same problem of cache and RAM clearing. These junk files are not good for your phone, your device may get hang or brightness system may get spoil. You will face so many problems due to dirt in your device.

So here we are with the solution of all your problems, we are giving you 6 Best Android Cleaner Apps as an option for your Android to clear RAM and Cache. You can get rid of your problems with these amazing apps. Firstly read the full post then decide which one you want to use and install to your device. But firstly here some frequently asked questions related to Cleaner Apps which I want to clear. So, please take a look.

6 Best Cleaner Apps To Clear RAM And Cache:

  1. Clean Master
  2. Cleaner
  3. Power Cleaner
  4. CCleaner
  5. Norton Cleaner
  6. Avast Cleanup and Boost

1. Clean Master:

  • Clean Master is one of the top Cleaner App for Android Users to clean up there RAM and Cache from there device. This is the most downloaded app from the play store, you don’t have to think twice before installing this app. Because it is the best Cleaner App. This is one of the easiest app for cleaning your Android.

Some Features of Clean Master:

  1. Set a reminder for Auto-Cleaning.
  2. It will Auto-Clean your Android’s junk, cache, and RAM(Random Access Memory).
  3. Just one-tap to boost your device.
  4. Remove Anti-virus and also save your Battery.

2. Cleaner:

  • A cleaner is another most-talkative Cleaner App for Android via which you can clean your device’s RAM and cache. If your device got hanged due to space coverage by so many unnecessary materials and you need space then use Cleaner App, it frees-up the space and cleans all unwanted files from your Android. You can also get rid of the cache. It is also the best booster for your device. This App is totally free to download.

Some Features Of Cleaner App:

  1. Save your battery life and increase its performance well.
  2. You can protect your Android from Malware and unknown sources with this amazing app.

3. Power Cleaner:

  • Power Clean is the best quick Cleaner App for Android users, which is able to clean all junk and cache from your device quickly. This is one of the most downloaded cleaner apps from the play store. You can free up space and boost your device with one-tap. This is a very powerful and small tool using the app, but easy to use. You can download it for free but if you want an ad-free app then you have to purchase it.

Some Features Of Power Cleaner:

  1. This app provides to App Lock system.
  2. Junk Cleaner
  3. Quick Cleaner
  4. One-tap booster

4. CCleaner:

  • This is the best application for Android users to clean unwanted material from their Phone’s internal and external memory. Ccleaner is the short form of Crap Cleaner, this application is launched in 2004 by Piriform, Piriform is a company of Avast. In short, we can say that this is the best application for Android Users to clean extra files, corrupted files from their phone’s just in one tap.

Some Features of CCleaner:

  1. It will improve your battery life and temperature.
  2. Ccleaner App clean junk files and extra material from your phone.
  3. This App will boost and speed up the performance of your smartphone.
  4. It will increase the storage space on your mobile phone.
  5. This App can delete junk files, hidden cache history, apps from your Phone and frees up the internal and external space.

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5. Norton Cleaner:

  • Norton Cleaner is one another most talkative Cleaner App for Android users which is famous in Worldwide. You can clean cache, junk, and extra unwanted files from your device. Norton Cleaner is the best app manager also. It is free to download and easy to use.

Some Features of Norton Cleaner:

  1. It will clean unnecessary apk files from your device.
  2. It is also a file optimizer.
  3. App Manager
  4. Scanner

6. Avast Cleanup and Boost:


  • Avast Cleanup and Boost are one of the best Cleaner App for Android users. You can clean up your device and get your space free from junk and cache. This is a memory cleaner, booster, and storage cleaner app. You have to purchase this app if you want the best Cleaner App. Just take a loof over its features and get more knowledge about this amazing app.

Some Features of Avast Cleanup and Booster:

  1. Automatic Cleaner.
  2. Advanced Photo Optimizer which helps you to set your pictures.
  3. Remove Ads.
  4. Junk Cleaner

Frequently Asked Q/A:

Que. Are Clean Apps are safe to use?

Ans. Yes, Clean Apps are totally safe to use, you have not to worry. You can easily clean your junk data or cache with Clean App.

Que. Which is the best RAM cleaner app?

Ans. Here, we are giving you some options for RAM cleaning. But I am telling you some more;  Go Speed, Power Cleaner, Ace Cleaner, etc.

Que. Can I clean junk from my Android directly?

Ans. Yes, you can easily clean junk from your Android directly. Take a look for some steps and follow them:

  1. Firstly, go to the settings of your Android.
  2. Scroll down and click on Apps option.
  3. Search for All Tab.
  4. Tap on that app which requires most space of your Android.
  5. There is the option of Clear Cache, tap on it and it’s done.

Author’s Opinion:

These are the best Cleaner Apps to Clean RAM and Cache for Android users, read the full post and watch its features. After that decide which one you want to download. You can also read our new and old posts on our website related to free android tricks for Apps and other problems and their solutions. Keep in touch to know more about our website. If you want to ask anything related to the post then comment, we will definitely reply. If you like our post then please like and share it on your social media. Thanks for visiting our Website.


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