How to backup and restore Data of an Android Device with Google One

Today we are going to discuss a very important topic related to Android Device That How to backup and restore Data of an Android Device. Everyone needs short and simple solutions to their problems. It’s related to backup and restores an Android Device. There are so many methods to solve your backup and restore of an Android device, but we are with a very simple method which takes less time as a comparison of those long solutions.

Google One Account, yes guys this is the amazing solution for your problem. You can easily backup and restore your Android Device with the help of Google One Account. But firstly you should know about Google One Account. What do you mean by Google One Account? This is the Account or membership plan by which you can get or access to Google benefits. You can extend your Android memory with the help of Google One Account.

Now you got a bit to confuse between Google One Account, so firstly I will tell you that how can you make Google One Account by some easy steps. If you have Google One Account then get a log in into it.

How to make Google One Account?

So take a look for some steps:

  1. Firstly open the setting app of your Android.
  2. Then access to Accounts option.
  3. There is an option named “Add Account” tap on it.
  4. Then just one click to Google.
  5. Access to create an Account.
  6. Enter your real name.
  7. Now there is an option “Next” tap on it.
  8. Enter your original birth date.
  9. You must be more then 13 years old or according to your Country rules.
  10. Select Gender as Male/Female/Another.
  11. Tap next again.
  12. Now type your username which will be the Gmail address to log in.
  13. You can also pick another name from suggestions.
  14. Now tap next again.
  15. There is the option of New Password in the next step. Set password to your Google One Account.
  16. They will ask you to re-type your password then confirm it.
  17. They will ask you for your Mobile number just for alternate. It is your choice to add or not. But if you’ll add your mobile number then it is the best decision. Because sometimes we can’t remember our password then you can enter your mobile number and reset the password.
  18. Now read the instruction and tap I Agree.
  19. You are done with the creation of Google One Account, now tap next and exit the screen.

Now sign in to your account and take the membership to get all benefits.

Now I am going to tell you all that how can you backup and restore your Android device with the help of Google One Account step by step.

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Back up Of Android Device with the help of Google One Account:

Here are some easy steps to take back up of your Android device with the help of Google One Account:

  1. You can set your Android Device to Automatic Back up.
  2. But if you want to backup according to your choice then take a look next steps.
  3. Open your Google One Account.
  4. Go to the settings and tap.
  5. Now access to “Back up Now Button”.
  6. Select what you want to backup.
  7. You can backup your Android Phone Internal/external memory.
  8. You can also backup media of your Android Device.
  9. Now, wait until back up.

Restore Data of Android Device with the help of Google One Account:

Take a look at the steps and follow them to get restore Data of your Android device:

  1. Open your Google One Account.
  2. Scroll down to the screen and get “Restore Backup”.
  3. Tap on “Restore Backup”.
  4. You can restore your saved Backup data.
  5. Wait until Restoring complete.
  6. After that, you can see your stored applications.

You can easily restore all your important data or applications with the help of Google One Account.

Author’s Opinion:

I hope you had read the full post and you are satisfied with it. Guys restoring and backup of your Android device is very important. As if you want to frees-up your memory and data. Or if you want to restore something important notification, you can do it all with the help of  Google One Account. You don’t need Google Cloud with long methods. I had explained everything important regarding the post.

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