How To Enable Best Security Feature Fingerprint Lock On WhatsApp

There are so many uncountable people’s who are using Android Devices in there daily life. We know very well that without social media no-one from us can survive. Like an addiction, we use so many social sites like; WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and so many other sites. These sites help us to communicate with other family and friends.

Now coming to the main point that is about Fingerprint Lock On WhatsApp, guys here we have good news for Android users. WhatsApp invents it’s new and cool fingerprint unlock feature, here I am going to tell you about how you can enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp in Android. WhatsApp is one of the top online application where you can send messages, chat with your friends, video calling and so many other things you can do.

You won’t believe that WhatsApp is currently used by more then 400 Million users. Enable of fingerprint lock is the most awaited feature, it is for security reason. You can keep secret your WhatsApp chats, messages by this feature. You can easily get this App in WhatsApp beta version but in few time you’ll get it in Stable version of WhatsApp also.

How We Can Enable Best Security Feature Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp For Android?

Now I am going to describe to you all about some easy steps to Enable Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp:

1. Firstly update your WhatsApp, then open your Account.

2. There you can see small three dots top of the right corner tap on it.

3. After that, you have the option as Settings, tap on it.

4. In settings, there are so many options but you have to tap on the first option named as Account.

5. In Account, there is a Privacy option on the first number, tap on it.

6. You have so many options in Privacy, there you will see a Fingerprint Lock option in the end.

7. Tap on Fingerprint Lock, you will see a final option as Unlock with a fingerprint.

8. To enable, you’ll need to use fingerprint to open WhatsApp.

These are some easy steps by which you can enable your Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp for Android devices.

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The Main Highlight of The Post:

  1. After using this feature, you can attend WhatsApp calls without a lock.
  2. You can also reply to the messages from the notification bar without a lock.
  3. Your device needs a fingerprint scanner to use this application.
  4. You must update your WhatsApp if you want to use this feature otherwise you are not able to use it.

As we know that sometimes we need to keep some of our messages/chats as secret. If you want that no-one can ever open your WhatsApp chats then update your WhatsApp messenger.

Author’s Opinion:

I hope this post is helpful for all Android users, I had described everything that how you can enable Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp. You can easily get this feature in your Android by updating your WhatsApp. But if you are not able to enable fingerprint lock then re-install WhatsApp messenger. Personally, I am also using this feature as security reasons.

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