How to Stop People From adding you in WhatsApp Groups Without your Permission?

Hi guys, here we are with the solution of very common and daily life problem related to social media. How to Stop People From Adding you To WhatsApp Groups? We all know that not every time we are able or love to reply WhatsApp group conversations and to read all those long messages in groups. While it is your family group, school group or college group on WhatsApp but if you are the member of that group and you left any of conversation then it creates a mess sometimes.

Surprise for you, because WhatsApp announces its new feature, now you can stop people from adding you to any of WhatsApp groups. Now no-one can annoy you by those long chats/messages and you have not to worry about any reply. Yes, a new feature is added by WhatsApp for Android devices as well as iOS devices. We love some WhatsApp groups but not every group, you want to stay away from such creepy things.

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Main Highlight of the Post:

  1. If you want to enjoy this feature you have to update your WhatsApp Messenger.
  2. You can stop people from adding you to WhatsApp groups without blocking them.
  3. You can also block that person or admin of group then they can not add you to any group anymore.

How to stop people from adding you in WhatsApp Groups without blocking them?

Here we are going to discuss the steps in a very easy way that how to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups without blocking them:

1. Open your WhatsApp account firstly.

2. Then go to the settings, tap on it.

3. There is another option named Privacy, tap on it.

4. Then another option will be shown on the screen of your WhatsApp named as Groups, tap on it.

5. After that, there will be three options like;  (A) Everyone (B) My Contacts (C) Nobody.

6. Tap on the option which you want.

7. Here I’ll make it easy for you; Settings>Privacy>Groups.

You Must Read: 

How to stop people from adding you in WhatsApp Groups by block option?

Yes, you can also stop people from adding you in WhatsApp groups by blocking the Admin of that group. You can get this option without updating your WhatsApp. Here I am going to tell you it by some easy steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp account.
  2. Go to the Group of WhatsApp which you want to block.
  3. Tap on the subject of WhatsApp groups.
  4. There you can all contacts of the group and admin of the group.
  5. There will be more than one or two admins of the group.
  6. Tap on the number of admin to block.
  7. Open the chat of that contact of admin and there are three small dots on the top of the right corner.
  8. There is an option on the last-named as More, tap on it.
  9. You can see the option of Block that contact, tap on Block > Block.
  10. After blocking the admin’s contact, that person can never add you in any group anymore.

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