Instagram New Features: To Add New Boomerang Modes, Layout for Stories

Today, we are going to discuss (Instagram New Features: To Add New Boomerang Modes, Layout for Stories) Instagram working on the features to make your stories more attractive. If you are not using Instagram, then firstly you must know about Instagram. Instagram is a very popular and famous social site which is owned by Facebook. This App is created by Kevin Systrom, Mike Kreiger and launched on 6 October 2010.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application, here you can share your pictures as well as videos and add some beautiful and different filters. New invented feature by Instagram by which you can click pictures, make videos and add them to your stories and highlight. To make your Stories more interesting Instagram is working on New Boomerang Modes and Layouts.

Instagram New Features: Boomerang Modes, Layouts?

You are confused in between these words, so here I am going to tell you all bit about Boomerang Modes, Layouts. As per Instagram is working on five new Boomerang Modes, you can speed up your photos, add twitch to them. In these Boomerang modes, one feature is named as Hold in which it adds a short pause at the end of each loop. Another one is Dynamic and there are many more on which Instagram is working.

Layouts will also add to stories in which you can forward/backward your stories. Jane Manchun Wong also works on notification filters and comment sharing on Instagram. We all love to make our posts, stories attractive and beautiful that’s why Instagram is on work mode for them.

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In the highlight of the post I am going to tell you about some new icons on which Instagram works on:

  1. Camera icons
  2. Layout
  3. Music
  4. Stop Motion
  5. Superzoom
  6. Hold
  7. Dynamic
  8. Two Duo Modes

This is the most important highlight part on which Instagram works and soon to be added on Instagram.

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I hope you had read the full post about Instagram New Features: To Add New Boomerang Modes and Layout for Stories, it is necessary to know about upcoming features of every App. If you have any query or problem related to our post then go to the comment session and send to us. We will definitely answer all your queries and solve all your problems. If you like our post then please like and share it on your social media. Keep in touch to know more about different apps and their features. Thanks for visiting our Website.


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