Top 10 Best Password Manager Apps For Android To Download in 2019

Today we are going to discuss Top 10 Best Password Manager Apps For Android. As we all know that we want security first in everything, but if it’s about our phone’s security then we become more possessive. This is all about Android’s passwords and emails security. We always have to fill password when login to any site and that is the most irritating thing. Sometimes we forget our password and that creates a mess.

But now you don’t have to worry because today we are going to talk about the top password managing apps for Android users. These apps will automatically fill your saved password and make it all secure and safe. Now you are thinking as there is a large number of password managing apps but which is best for you. So for us, I have researches lot to find the best 10 password managing apps for you.

These apps are free of cost and give you its best features and function which you always wishes in a password manager app. The best apps have very specific features which include as it fills password automatically and many more. Once you’re logged into the manager these programs will automatically fill your username and password each time you visit a site that requires them taking the guessing game out of surfing the internet.

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Top 10 Best Password Manager Apps For Android in 2019:

1. 1Password:

1Password is the Best Password Manager for Android, you can manage your passwords by this app. You can download it on phone, tablet, and computers. This password manager is secure and easy to use. Simply add your passwords, and let 1Password do the rest. You can use 1Password free for 30 days, then keep going subscription.


2. Dashlane Password Manager:

Dashlane is one of the top Password Manager Application which provides you all necessary features. It will help us to access all important data such as the bank, work or home without security problems. You can save and access your Credit Cards and Payment Methods by this App. In Dashlane you just have to set a master password, which you have to enter only once. Then it will open all our profiles.


3. LastPass Password Manager:

LastPass Password is a Password Manager App which is developed by LogMein on 22 August 2008. It allows you to create high-security passwords that you won’t have to remember. As they will automatically be entered in the right spot after you grant the correct permissions. It is a tool that allows you to manage all of your user accounts and their respective passwords from the comfort of your Android device. It is available in 58 languages.


4. aWallet:

aWallet is one of the popular and favorite Password Manger App. This Application provides you so many security things like it stores all your banking information, credit card info. You can also secure your custom data in aWallet. This wonderful App provides you built-in search feature and auto-lock feature. You can easily get this App in your Android devices.


5. Bit warden:

Password theft is a serious problem these days. Hackers got all information about any of App and Website anyhow. Sometimes you reuse the same passwords across apps and websites and that is the chance for hackers to hack your data and password easily. Then they can access your email, bank, and other important accounts. Bit warden is the safest and secure App to store all of your logins and passwords. This App is excellent in a secure way, your all data and passwords are safe in Bit warden.


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6. Enpass Password Manager:

Enpass Password Manager is developed by Sinew Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. Enpass makes your life easy by securely managing your passwords and all sorts of credentials. All you have to do in this App just set a Master Password of Enpass. It is offline password manager app and users can sync via Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud.


7. Keepass2Android Password Safe:

 Keepass2Android is one of the more basic password manager apps. It has the basics and you’ll be able to backup passwords and such. However, it doesn’t have a lot of the more complex features of many of its competitors.

8. Password Safe And Manager:

Password Safe and Manager stores and manages all your entered data in an encrypted way, so you have secure storage of your access data and you only have to remember your master password. Do you want a secure way of storing and organizing all your passwords instead of writing them down on a sheet of paper? Password Safe and Manager is the best solution for you! This password manager allows you to manage and keep track of all your sensitive data.


9. Google’s Smart Lock Password Manager:

When you open any site in your Android’s Browser then Chrome will always ask if you want to save that password for later. If you tap on Yes then your password will be saved for later and you can automatically log in to that site without filling your Password again and again. Or you can save many more Passwords by Google’s Smart Lock Password Manager App.


10. OEM solutions like Samsung Pass:

For instance, with Samsung Pass, you can auto-fill apps and websites by using the iris scanner on the It’s only a good solution if you intend on sticking with a brand for a while. Otherwise, we recommend one of the nine solutions above. Still, if you have a phone with something like this built-in already, it might be worthy of a chance. It’s not very common, but some phones have password managers. These password managers are usually tied to an account, sync between devices, and work with the device’s existing security.

Author’s Opinion:

As we have reached to the conclusion and we have discussed the best ten password managing apps. I hope after reading the full article you have to find your best password managing app. When we look for this we get some points in our mind like we can download it if it has automatic password filling option without any problem and also there is a thing that is your password secure or not with the app.

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