Top 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android Latest Version April 2019

Top 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android Latest Version April 2019

Today we are going to discuss about Top 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android 2019. As we know there are large numbers of video editing applications in google store and many software of video editing in windows. All of them have there specific specialty and many amazing features, Everyone has listened to the names of different video editing apps and their function. but many of them are confused which video editing app is best for them. So to make you people easy we have made a list of best video editing app according to the reviews of users. With the help of these amazing apps, you can easily edit your videos and can add many more modifies features to your video. And can upload to Facebook and Instagram or can share with friends.

In previous time there was no video editing app on a cell phone. There was the only pc who use to edit the videos. and it uses to be the heaviest task yo edit video on that time because pc requires good space and high usage of RAM and lots of storage also and very few people were aware of this that hoe to edit video. Because it requires good knowledge to edit those video as its software are hard to use. And it was very difficult for phones to handle and edit these heavy videos and also phone doesn’t have that much storage as pc. But now we have many apps which work as same as pc and don’t require that much storage. There is some extent of the difference between pc and mobile video editing as pc works in a better way whereas mobile lacks in some features.

There are so many free video editors for the Android smartphone. In this article, I’ll show you the top 10 best free video editors for Android, including Action director video editor, FilmoraGo, VivaVideo, Quik Video Editor, KineMaster, Funimation, Magisto, WeVideo, AndroVid, Adobe Premiere Clip, and VidTrim Pro. Keep reading to get more detailed information about the top 10 best video editing apps for Android. If you need to editor your iPhone video and do not know which video editing app is best for your iPhone, you can check free »

Top 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android 2019:

1. ActionDirector Video Editor:

ActionDirector is a very famous video editing apps on PC and also available for Android users. It has very basic functions like importing clips, edit clips, and render the video. You can do things like add your own music, trim and cut video, add text, employ slow motion, and more. It’s one of the few video editor apps that also supports 4K video. You’ll have to check and see if your device supports it, though. The developers have a nifty tool linked in the Google Play Store to see if yours can. It also gets frequent updates.


2. FilmoraGo:

FilmaroGp video editor is the best if you want a pro tool to edit your videos and media files shot with your Android phone. It has all the functionality that you get in the PC.his is the second-best video editor for Android. It allows you not only to create a slideshow of your media files such as images, pictures, and soundtracks but also to do some basic editing such as trimming/merging/cropping/rotating videos and add background music or voiceovers to videos. And there are cool special effects available in the APP, such as overlay and filter effects, animated text and title effects, motion elements, etc. With the easy-to-use intuitive interface, you would have no problem while editing your videos and share them with the world.


3. Adobe Premiere Clip:

In Top 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android 2019, This is the number third best video editor for android and When you open your video to edit there are two options: Automatic and Freeform. Automatic overlays a piece of music and makes cuts to your video to match the chord changes. This works fine for longer videos that don’t rely on narration, but for shorter pieces or those requiring greater control, you’ll need to use Freeform. Here you can create a timeline from several video clips and images, trim the size, adjust the speed, select a new soundtrack, and apply filters. The focus here is on smart, professional-looking videos rather than fun or silly clips to share with your family on Facebook, so there are no stickers or cheesy animations available. Instead, you get a selection of tasteful fade and motion options.


4. KineMaster:

If you want movie maker app that’s a tad easier to use than PowerDirector, try KineMaster. The app comes with a traditional video editing interface, but it also makes adjustments to accommodate the touchscreen and users with less experience. That’s not to say you give up features with it, though. KineMaster is about as advanced as Android video editing gets. However, there’s a catch: KineMaster is going to cost you. The free version plasters a watermark on everything you make. Removing it and unlocking advanced features requires a monthly or yearly subscription.


5. Quik:

This is related to the pc software and offers the pc video editing functions and also very best for pro video editing. Its features include you can  Create a video quickly, either with an automatic editing function or more advanced customized editing features that let you do everything from trimming clips to ducking the music volume over dialogue. You can sync your video to the beat of your chosen soundtrack and add all the usual finishing touches, like titles and transitions. Premier Clip integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products – such as Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Capture CC – while their CreativeSync cloud software automatically updates your project across all your devices.


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6. VideoShow:

This is the best fifth video editor app for your android with special amazing functions.VideoShow has received numerous awards and is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps for Android available in the Play Store for free. With a user-friendly interface, VideoShow is reliable and easy to use. Apart from the essential functions, you can also beautify your video by adding text, effects, music and sound effects or perform live dubbing.


7. Funimate Video Editor and Effects:

Funimate is one of the surprisingly popular, but not overly powerful video editor apps. It bills itself as being a great app for making music videos or simple videos out of the stuff you already have on your device. There are 15 video filters that you can play with and the creation process is fairly painless. This isn’t something you’d want to use on a serious video. It has things like video effects. However, it’s better for short little social media posts rather than actual video production. You can download it for free to try it out yourself.


8. VivaVideo:

Viva video is very much down in our list but it works in a good way and offers amazing functions In this you can import, edit and trim your video clips easily, and then add effects, filters, various effects, text and titles, fast/slow motion to your video, making your video with a professional-looking and sharing with your friends easily. The free VivaVideo will come with a watermark and a limited time for your video.


9. iMovie:

Their ubiquitous iMovie app does all the best thing ha the best video editor offers us. It works like you have to drop in your clips, trim them according to the suggested size and add music, effects and animated titles. Nice extras include split-screen effects, 10 high-fidelity filters, green-screen effects and the ability to make Hollywood-style trailers. As it’s Apple, you can switch between your devices with impunity, using AirDrop and iCloud Drive, to create your final cut.


10. WeVideo:

This doesn’t work like other apps and doesn’t give you the functions related to pc all his can edit your video is a good manner, split your video and exporting files, everything is going to take more time than it would on your PC. WeVideo says one way to get around this is by doing your video editing in the cloud. Let its remote machines apply changes more quickly than your local hardware could.



Today everyone wants everything in their pocket. People are doing fashion blogging, travel blogging and many more things as they want to instantly edit the video. As for those users they use video editor in there mobile for those users I have listed above all the best video editing apps.Where ever you are you don’t need to carry your laptop of requiring pc for video editing just open your phone and edit easily. Read all the best android video editor above very carefully and select according to your choice and requirement and download it and enjoy!

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