Top 5 Best Action Games For Android Latest Version 2019

Today we are with topic of Top 5 Best Action Games for Users, firstly we are going to discuss about Action Game. What is Action Game? Action Game is a type of video game, where you have challenges, time action, fighting, shooter games, time strategy, and so much fun. In Action Games you have a specific character where you have to fight with opposition character or you have to play with a group and challenge opposite group for a fight. So much fun in Action Games for you, easily downloadable on your Android Devices.

In Action Games you have challenges like racing, fighting, puzzles, killing games, shooting challenge where you have to give quick responses within the time limit. some Games, you have a number of levels to clear with a given time limit, where you have defeat your enemy and cross the levels to increase your score. In some Action games, you have Health and Lives to survive, like if you got an injury during play then you have to use health kit. You can also give life to another character in your group.

Huge starting of Action games takes place in 1978 when Shoot ’em up game Space Invaders was released. After that so many Action Games was taken place, people love to play these types of games full of action. In today’s modern life we have a lot of games to play but the new generation always like Action Games and we have a number of Action Games which you can easily install in your Android Devices. But here I am going to describe the top 5 Latest Action Games to you, which you can play with full fun mode and action. These  Top 5 Best Action Games are easily available on your Android Devices.

Top 5 Latest Action Games:

  1. PUBG Mobile
  2. Fortnite
  3. Critical Ops
  4. Last Day on Earth Survival
  5. Brother in Arm 3

1: PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile is an online video game which was released on 19 March 2018, this game is full of action or you can say Multi-Player Battle Royale Game. You can easily download it on your Android Devices, you need at least 2GB RAM to run the game. This is a battle game where you have to shoot or fight with your enemies, you can play this game with a group or alone. Match started with players parachuting from the plane, according to the map you have to choose the location for landing. Then after the game started you got weapons like Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, Shotguns, and other weapons. You also got Bullets for your weapons like AKM, AUG A3*, M16A4, etc. You have other weapons and Equipment like Backpacks, Helmets, Healthkit and Energy drinks. At last the team who won the match got Chicken Dinner.



Fortnite is one of the top Action Game which is released on 25 July 2017 and has more than 125 Million players. It is developed by Epic Games and available in three distinct game mode version. Fortnite Battle Royale is a video game where at least 100 players fight, you can play it with team, duo or solo. You got weapons and Equipment like Scar, Remote Explosive, Heavy Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, etc. This is the creative version of PUBG, in Fortnite you have t fight with your opposition team. You also got a battle pass or rewards like emotes, gliders or other things in the game. I suggest you install this game on your Android Devices and play, you’ll definitely enjoy it.


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Critical Ops is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game which is released in September 2015 for Android users and May 2016 for iOS users by Critical Force Limited and designed by Tim Spaninks. It has more than 34 Million users, this is one of the best Action Game. There are two teams named as The Coalition and The Breach and have four modes named as Defuse, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game and Rank Defuse. Firstly choose the mode and then start the game, you can defeat your enemies by shooting, defusing or killing. Weapons you got in Critical Ops are Pistols, Submachine guns, Knife, Rifles and Grenades, etc. As much you kill the players in Quick Games, you cross the levels.



Last Day On Earth survival is one of the horror sandbox survival action video game which is developed by Kefir and easily available on Android Devices. This is the zombie survival game where you have to survive in a horror environment by collecting resources. Resources you have to collect – stone, wood, food, zombies/wolves or some iron deposits. Firstly you have to collect food and water for surviving. You got some weapons and armors like scrap metal, Rope, Cleaver, and water, as you used the things they lose durability. In this game, you have to protect yourself by your enemies. If you are losing your energy then you can recover it by watching 30 seconds ad. In short, this is a very interesting action and horror game.



Brothers in Arm 3 is the Sons Of War third-person shooter video Game which is released on 17 December 2014 by Gameloft. in this game Brothers are the soldiers in a war where they have short campaign mission to complete and kill the enemies. You can play this game solo or in a team but it becomes more interesting when you play it in a group. Every member of your team has different special abilities. You can kill your enemies and earn free dog tags or headshots. Also, you can eliminate enemies before they throw any weapon or shot at you. You can also unlock your team members abilities and kill your enemies by airstrike or gunshot. In short, this is the best Action Game for Android users.



At last, all I want to say that action games are full of fun. These games are the source of your enjoyment, where you can play games full of action. In Action type of games, you have to fight, kill, shoot with adventure. You can play these games on your Android Devices, these are easily available on your Play Store. You can play action games solo, duo or in a team where you have to defeat your enemies and increase your levels. If you like our post then please like and share it on your social media, for any query you can comment we will definitely answer all your queries. Thanks for visiting our website.


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