Top 5 Best Adventure Games For Android Latest Version 2019

Here we are with an interesting topic of Adventure Games for Android Users Top 5 Best Adventure Games For Android Latest Version 2019. But firstly I am going to tell you about Adventure Games, How can we define Adventure Game? Adventure Game is a Video game developed from text computer game named as Colossal Cave Adventure. Firstly it was discovered in 1976, initially, it was started with small adventure games in 1970 with Zork, King’s Quest, The Secret of Monkey Island and Myst. In adventure games, you have to solve the puzzle, problem-solving, Exploration, Stories.

In Adventure Games players have to play an interesting role or character, or collection of things and so many other funny and enjoyable things. All these adventures you can enjoy on your Android Devices by downloading Adventures Games from your Android Play Store. In this type of games, you can challenge the opposition team, you can play solo or duo. You have to solve puzzles, unlock doors, find objects. Adventure Games is First Person Shooter Game, in the single-player game you have to set stories, setting, and themes.

In Adventure Games you have to reach the goal by defeating an opponent and get the high score and the player who fails to reach the goal or win the game that player is called dead. There is a number of Adventure Games but today I am going to tell you about Top 5 Best Adventure Games for Android in latest version 2019. I am going to explain about the game, which you will easily download in your Android Devices and enjoy them by playing.

Top 5 Latest Version Adventure Games:

  1. The Wolf Among Us
  2. This War of Mine
  3. Deus Ex Go
  4. Beat Cop
  5. Evoland 2


The Wolf Among Us is an adventures video game which is based upon Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book story. This game is episodic and full of mystery which was released on 11 October 2013 and developed by Telltale Games. The Wolf Among Us is Graphic adventure Interactive Movie with the single-player mode. The characters in this Adventure Game named as Bigby Wolf – The big bad wolf, in this game series you have to face the brutal and horror murder, fairytale, folklore who have entered in our world. You can easily download this mysterious game in your Android Devices and enjoy its lovely/latest features.



This War Of Mine is a video game with full of Adventure and survival which is theme based easily available on your Android Devices. This is one of the best Adventure game released on 14 November 2014 for PC, iOS and 14 July 2015 for Android devices. This War Of Mine game is developed by 11-bit studios War Child which is based on the inspiring idea of Grzegorz Miechowsik. This is Single Player Game where the player has to control civilian survivors, for that you have to use tools and a material like Bandages, Canned Food, Cigarette, Coffee, Cooked Meal, Herbal Medicines, etc. In this game, you have to take care of civilian survivors health, mood, hunger, etc.



Deus Ex Go is a video game based on Puzzle inspired by Square Enix. This Video Game is released on 18 August 2016 and developed by Square Enix Montreal and published by Square Enicx. This is a puzzle based game with single player mode, with a set of 54 puzzles where the player has to solve puzzles. Players have projects named as Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go where the player is in the role of Adam Jensen’s agent.  Player has to protect from attacks and solve puzzles by using latest technologies, where you have more than 50 challenges. Deus Ex Go can be easily downloaded from your Play Store, this is simply an amazing Video Game.


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Beat Cop is an action-adventure video game released on 30 March 2017, developed by Pixel Crow and published by 11 Bit Studios. This adventure game was inspired by New York 80’s cop Shows, its latest version is available on your Android Devices which you can easily download from your Play Store. This is a single player game where you are in the role of Jack Kelly and you are accused of the murder. As a beat cop, you have to find about the truth and mystery about murder. This game is full of action and adventure, you will definitely enjoy it.



Evoland 2 is an adventure video game which was initially released on 25 August 2015 but for Android version, it is released on 28 February 2018. It is developed by Shiro Games, this is a single player game. This game is based upon Spacetime Continuum Disorder, where you travel in space according to the storyline. You are playing as Kuro which is an amnesiac boy founded by a girl named as Fine. You will see so many play types in this single game like fighting, shooting, and trading. In short, this game is full of adventure and fun.


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In above, I described about top 5 best adventure games for Android devices, there are a number of Adventure Games like The Wolf Among Us, This War Of Mine, Deus Ex Go, Beat Cop, Evoland 2, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, Games Of Throne, Batman, To The Moon and so many other Adventure Games are easily available on your Android Devices. You can easily download these games by your Play Store. As we all know that we love to play games, here we are with top and latest Aventure Games.

I am damn sure that you all gonna be enjoy these adventure games with full of fun, puzzle, fight, shoot, mystery, and stories. So guys, go and download the latest version of Adventure Games in your Android Devices from your Play Store. If you like our post then please like and share it on your social media. For any queries and problems, go to the comment session and comment your all doubts. We will solve your all queries and problems at our best level. Thanks for visiting our website.


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