Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions To Use In 2019

Hi guys, we are back with another interesting topic related to Chrome Extensions. We are going to discuss Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions you should be using in 2019. You can use these Chrome Extensions for the best. But firstly I am going to explain here about Extensions, these are small software programs which helps you to customize your browsing experience.

Chrome helps us to browse and access our sites, helps us to download. It has its separate needs and preferences, Extensions just help to zip it into a simple .crx package which is easily downloadable for users. Now I am going to describe Top 5 Chrome Extensions, so please read the whole post carefully.

Here Are The Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions To Use In 2019:

  1. Adblock
  2. Airstory
  3. Calm – Style Your New Tab
  4. ClickUp
  5. Clockify Time Tracker

1. Adblock:

Are you feeling annoying from Ads shown between any of site or app while using them? We all know that Advertisements in between of any site or App is the most creepy thing, which we all hate. So keep relax and just use Adblock Chrome Extension, this is the best Extension which blocks all those creepy and annoying ads from all over the Web. It has more then 60 Million users. So guys, go and get it, enjoy all its features.

2. Airstory:

You know about copy and paste, exactly I am talking about copy and paste which we usually use when we want some content. We just click copy and all the content get copied then we paste it on the page or site where we want to. But why you are wasting your time on such these things, if you have Airstory here. Airstory is Chrome Extension which helps you to keep save your online research work as Note. You can automatically merge your research work with the help of Airstory.

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3. Calm – Style Your New Web:

Calm – Style Your New Tab is one of the popular Chrome Extension which helps you to get rid of boring New Tab – site. Exactly, you don’t need to get annoyed from those boring blank New Tab – site. Calm – Style Your New Tab helps you to create your own page or dashboard as you want. It has Widgets feature where you have; Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Bookmarks, Search, Weather and Notes. In addition, you can also upload pictures as you want and also you can add attractive background pictures.

4. ClickUp:

You feel so disturbed while you have to manage different Apps in one time and that is so hectic for anyone. But here we are with a solution for your this problem, now you can manage five different Apps in one time with the help of ClickUp Chrome Extension. Clickup is known as Five-in-one app, which helps you to manage five different applications. You can take Screenshots, do tasks, Email, Time and ask email to do tasks.

5. Clockify Time Tracker:

Clockify Time Tracker, you can guess its meaning in its name. It is one of the best Chrome Extension which helps you to improve your timing. Now you get a bit confused that how anyone can improve their timing with Clockify Time Tracker? So guys, its simple as if you are doing some project online, or doing some exams or anything else related to target then firstly start Clockify Time Tracker and once you finish your work then stop Clockify Tracker. Note the time taken by you, next time do it again. This will help you to improve your timing skills.

Author’s Opinion:

After reading this whole post, I had described about Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions in 2019. I guess you all should ensure about Chrome Extensions. These are necessary and useful for everyone. There are so many Chrome Extension like; Awesome Screenshots, Evernote Web Clipper, Save to Pocket, Screencastify, Google Translate, and many others. Every Chrome Extension has a different feature and use.

You can easily get them and use them, but if you have any query and problem related to our post then comment it fast. We will definitely solve it at our best in a very easy way. Keep in touch to read our new and old posts. If you like our post then please like and share it on social media; WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites. Thanks for visiting our Website.


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