Top 5 Best Puzzle Games For Android in 2019

Today we are going to discuss Top 5 Best Puzzle Games for Android Latest Version 2019, firstly I am going to tell you all about Puzzle Games. What is  Puzzle Game? Puzzle Game is a video game which is full of fun, where you have sources to enjoy and mind practice. In this type of game, there is a number of players with limited criteria and time. You have to defeat your opposite team with given criteria of time and space, for which you can use given tools and things. You can play these games solo, duo or in the team.

In Puzzle Games, you have to solve the puzzle within the given time and complete the game, note if you play this game solo, if you are playing in the group then you have to defeat your opponent. These Puzzle Games are easily available with the latest version on your Android Devices. Initially, Puzzle Game was released in 1979 in the University Of Tokyo with puzzle game Helankyo Alien. Puzzle Games are full of fun and enjoyment with your mind exercise, where you can practice your good and bad qualities of mind like concentration, speed, and memory power. In 2001, PopCap Games release Shariki, puzzle games increase its level day by day and became the choice of every person.

There are so many games of the puzzle-like; Action Puzzle, Hidden Object Game, Reveal The Picture Game, Study Related Puzzle Games, Tile and Color Matching Games, and Traditional Puzzle. In present time there are so many Puzzle Games like; Unblock Me FREE, The Room series, Dr. Mario World, Two Dots, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape, All That Remain: Part 1, Blue Wizard Digital Games, Bridge Constructor Portal, Fareway3: Arctic Escape and so many other Puzzle Games are there for your Android Devices. But today, I am going to describe Top 5 Best Puzzle Games For Android.


  1. Unblock Me FREE
  2. The Room series
  3. Dr. Mario World
  4. Two Dots
  5. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape


Unblock ME FREE is the type of Puzzle video game with full entertainment source which is released on May 2009. In this type of Puzzle game, there are more then 18,000 puzzles, you can solve these puzzles with full fun. There are four types of modes in this game; Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, Daily Puzzle Mode, Multiplayer Mode. Every mode has different features like in relax mode just sit back and play the game anytime, in Challenge Mode; you can challenge someone and hit some levels. In Daily Puzzle Mode; in this type, you can challenge yourself with blocks, in Multiplayer Mode; you can play with other player and try to defeat them. Overall, it is the most entertaining and challenging puzzle game.



The Room Series is another top Puzzle Video Game for Android users. The Room Series is developed by Fireproof Games in 2013 for Android Devices but initially, it was released on September 2012 for iOS. This game was designed by Robert Dodd and Mark Hamilton. This Puzzle game has a single-player mode, which is a 3D type of Puzzle Game.  In this game, the player has to solve the mystery of the puzzle around boxes, according to the storyline. Simply this puzzle game is amazing with full suspense, you can download its latest version from your device Play Store.


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Dr. Mario World is one of the tops and latest puzzle video game which is developed by Nintendo, LINE, NHN Entertainment on 9 July 2019. It has single-player and multiplayer modes, this game is available in 59 Countries. There is a storyline in this game as it started with Mario World with the problem of colorful viruses cause serious problems. Dr. Mario solve this problem with the help of his friends by making some colorful medicines. You can play this game as your favorite character in a series, you can also play this game online with another player from different places. Dr. Mario World is a very addictive game, you’ll definitely enjoy its latest features.



Two Dots is the best puzzle video game which is developed by Playdots, Inc and released on 29 May 2014. This has Single-Player mode, there are more than 1500 levels in Two Dots Game. In this game, you have to connect one dot to another dort with full adventure and interesting levels. You can challenge your friends in this game. You have to make lines by connecting Dots, also you can share it on Facebook and compare your score with another player. In short, this is the best puzzle video game with full fun and adventure. So go and download Two Dots in your Android Devices and play anywhere/anytime.



Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is a puzzle video game and part of Faraway Series which is developed by Snapbreak and released in 2018. it is full of an ind puzzle game, mental exercise games. Simply this is Room Puzzle Video Game where you have to solve or escape puzzles. In this game you are searching for your lost father, there are arctic frosty and new temples. Now you have to escape your father in a 3D environment by solving puzzles and unlock secrets. This game is full of mind exercise or you can it a mind game with a lot of puzzles.


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In the end of the post all I want to say that, I described about top 5 best Puzzle games for Android devices, there are a number of Puzzle Games like; Unblock Me FREE, The Room series, Dr. Mario World, Two Dots, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape, All That Remain: Part 1, Blue Wizard Digital Games, Bridge Constructor Portal, Fareway3: Arctic Escape, Golf Peak, The Room: Old Sins, Gorogoa, Prune and so many other Puzzle Games are there for your Android Devices.

These Puzzle games are full of fun, entertainment with action, adventure and mental exercise. So guys, go and download the latest version of Adventure Games in your Android Devices from your Play Store. You will definitely enjoy these puzzle games. If you like our post then please like and share it on your social media. For any queries and problems, go to the comment session and comment your all doubts. We will solve your all queries and problems at our best level. Thanks for visiting our website.


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