Top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Maker Apps For Android In 2019

Today, we are with a very interesting topic which I am going to describe “Slow Motion Video Apps”. Firstly you must know about the Slow Motion Video App, how could you define it? This is a way to change the motion of time of your video, for e.g, you made TikTok videos or videos on Like App. In these apps you are dubbing another person, now you want that video in slow motion. To make your video in slow motion in those apps you have to add time effects with the help of those apps.

We are here with the direct solution where you don’t need any effects or time filters to make slow-motion videos. I am going to explain Top 5 Slow Motion Video Apps, in these Apps you can directly make slow-motion videos. This is very happy news to Android Users, now Smartphone users can easily install these apps. Read the full post to know more about these apps and always keep in touch to know more about different apps and there features.

Top 5 Slow Motion Video Apps:

  1. Slow Motion Video FX
  2. Coach’s Eye
  3. Slow Motion Frame Video Player
  4. Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool
  5. Videoshop – Video Editor

1. Slow Motion Video FX:

Top on our board Slow Motion Video FX, this is the most talkative and popular Slow Motion Video Maker App. You can make new videos in slow motion or if you want to edit old videos in slow motion then you can do it. You can easily choose your old videos from media and turn them into slow-motion videos. One of the coolest things of this app, it will never ever force you for having any watermark.

2. Coach’s Eye:

Coach’s Eye is another popular Slow Motion Video Maker App. This app is very helpful for players and trainee players, if you want to learn some specific and popular moves of professionals then you can slow down them with the help of Coach’s Eye and saw them slowly and clearly. You can make your own slow-motion videos in this App.

3. Slow Motion Frame Video Player:

Slow Motion Frame Video Player is the best app in its own way, it is quite similar to Video Slow Reverse Player App. In this App, you can play your videos in slow motion as well as fast. There are options of increase and decrease where you can rise or slow down your video. You can directly make slow-motion videos in this app instead of adding slow motion filters.

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4. Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool:

Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool is not a slow-motion video maker App because it is a tool. Let me explain, in this tool you can slow down and speed up your videos. In short, if you want to watch your videos in slow motion then tap on the option and if you want to watch your videos in fast speed then tap on speed up icon. But you have to make videos in your regular camera because Fast and Slow Motion Video Tool had no camera option in it.

5. Videoshop – Video Editor:

Videoshop – Video Editor is last on our board but most popular App as compared to other apps. Because with the help of Videoshop app you can not only add slow-motion effects to your videos plus you can do so many more things. Like; you can record voice, add music to your videos and also trim your videos according to you. You can adjust the color of your videos and add slow-motion effects to any of your new and old videos from the gallery also.

Author’s Opinion:

These are the popular Slow Motion Video Makers by which you can slow down and speed up your videos. You can make slow-motion videos, add slow-motion effects and many more things. These are only top 5 which I had described instead of these, there are so many other slow-motion video maker apps for Android users. If you have any query related to our post then go to the comment session and send to us, we will definitely solve all your queries. If you like our post then please like and share it on your social media. Thanks for visiting our Website.


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