Top 6 Best Online Food Delivery Apps In 2019 For Android

Today we are going to discuss Best Food Delivery Apps for Android users. As we know that everyone loves food and we can not survive without food. Not every time we are able to go to a restaurant for food or sometimes we are not able to cook food at home. So now make your Android as your personal restaurant and go for the best food with top best food delivery apps. Yes, guys, you can order online food with the best quality.

These Apps are best for those who are living far from there home and not able to cook food every time. As my personal experience, I am also living away from home and I want cooked food after a tiring day. I go through these apps for breakfast, lunch or dinner when I am not able to cook for myself. You can get food from the top and near restaurants within time.

Say yes to your all-time cravings as well as midnight cravings for food, sweets, and beverages. You will get a complete package of the best restaurants and food as you want. Here I am going to tell you all about Top 6 Best Food Delivery Apps for Android users. Read the full post to know everything about these apps. You can also read our old and new posts in our Website related to Android tricks, Apps or any other problem’s solution.

Top 6 Best Food Delivery Apps For Android:

  1. Swiggy
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Zomato
  4. Food Panda
  5. Grubhub
  6. Dominos

1. Swiggy:

  • Swiggy is one of the best online food delivery app which is Bangalore based and rule over 100 cities of India. This amazing app is founded by Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy in 2013. Download this amazing app and register on it with your name, mail or mobile number. Then set your location where you want to get food. You’ll get coupon codes with 30 to 60% off on your orders. Go with the best restaurant and select the food, then confirm your order. Make payment as you want to pay; cash on delivery, online payment. You’ll get your food at your doorstep within some time.

2. Uber Eats:

  • Uber Eats is one another best app for Android users to get their food online at the doorstep. This is American Online Food Delivery app which is founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in August 2014. In India, this app was started in May 2017 with 37 cities. Search for local restaurants and say yes to your cravings with Uber Eats, order food, sweet dishes, and beverages. You can track your order from confirmation to food delivery. One more amazing thing about this app that you can order food till 3:00 AM as compared to other food delivery apps because they deliver food till 11:00 PM.

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3. Zomato:

  • Zomato is number third on our board, this is an amazing Indian based online food delivery app. It was founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in July 2008. You can check out for our favorite food and beverages near to you. See rating, reviews then select the food which you want. You are able to track your order and make payments as you want if online or cash on delivery. You can apply given coupon codes and also get cashback through online payments.

4. Food Panda:

  • Food Panda is a Berlin-based online food delivery app which is founded by Ralf Wenzel and Benjamin Bauer. In India, it was started on 29 December 2017 and it ruled over more than 50 Countries. You can access moreover 15000 Restaurants and their menu. Biggest online food delivery app just for you, go and grab the opportunity to get tasty food at your doorstep.

5. Grubhub:

  • Grubhub is last on our board but it is also one of the best online food delivery app for Android users. it is an American based online food delivery app which is founded by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans in 2004. Go and install Grubhub to your Android device and set your location, you’ll find so many best restaurants near you. This amazing app is available in more than 900 cities. Go and grab the best food for your hunger and cravings.

6. Domino’s:

  • Domino’s is an online pizza delivery app which is founded by ‎James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan on 9 December 1960. In India, Domino’s Pizza App was started on 26 March 1995. You can order your favorite pizza online through your Android via this amazing app. While it’s veg or non-veg or cheesy, or many more options, just go and grab. You’ll get your Pizza within 30 minutes at your doorstep. You can get so many offers and deals on Domino’s Pizza Online Delivery.

Author’s Opinion:

These are the top 6 Online Food Delivery Apps for Android users. I had described everything about the apps that is much enough for all of you. There are so many other online food delivery apps for Android/iOS users. If you want more Apps as an option then comment, we will definitely post another online food delivery alternatives.

If you have any query or problem related to our post then go to the comment session and send to us. We will definitely solve all your queries and problems at our best level. If you like our post then please like and share it on your social media; WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other known social sites. Keep in touch to know more about Android tricks. Thanks for visiting our Website.


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