Top 7 Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps In 2019 For Android

Today we are going to discuss Offline Navigation Apps For Android. We all know that GPS Navigation is how much important in daily life. You have to turn on your location to use GPS Navigation and most important your data, yes you have to keep on your Internet. But what if on any time or location your Internet does not work? To trace the location or to reach on any location you have to turn on your Internet.

Not every time our Internet speed goes well, so that’s why we are here with an amazing solution. Yes guys, now you can navigate any location without Internet with the help of these amazing Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android. With these apps, you can access any location offline. Take a look over these Apps and their description.

Top 7 Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android:

  1. Offline Maps & Navigation
  2. BackCountry Navigator
  3. Google Maps
  4. Karta GPS – Offline Navigation
  5. Scout GPS Location
  6. Genius Maps
  7. Polaris GPS Location

Note: Read the full post to know more about these apps.

1. Offline Maps & Navigation:

  • Offline Maps & Navigation is one of the best Offline GPS Navigation App for Android users. You are able to use this app online also, this amazing GPS Navigation App is available in 200 Countries. You can search for any location offline and also you are able to share your arrival and left time with your friends.

2. BackCountry Navigator:

  • BackCountry Navigator is 2nd Offline GPS Navigator App on our board. It is premium, you have to purchase this app. But it gives you excellent features, you can use this app for offline as well as in those places where Internet speed is slow or can’t work. One of the best feature of this app that it is ad-free, as we all want apps without any disturbance of creepy ads. You can also spot your favorite places with some marks on maps as this app offers you some map choices also.

3. Google Maps:

  • Google Maps is one of the most downloaded GPS Navigator App on Play Store. It is available in more than 220 countries and territories. You can access to famous places as well as business places. Like if you want to go to any salon, hotel, restaurant or any famous place just put the name of the place in the search bar and get the place with location, time to reach via bus, train, bike, car or via steps. You can navigate any location offline through Google Maps.

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4. Karta GPS – Offline Navigator:

  • Karta GPS – Offline Navigator is very popular Offline GPS Navigator from which you can not only access offline locations but also plan traveling through it. Yes, this navigator is a travel planner also, you can find shorter to shorter ways to your trip instead of longways. You will get rid of the traffic also, as you can take look for traffic in your city.

5. Scout GPS Location:

  • Scout GPS Location is a new version of TeleNav GPS Navigator app. You can access offline turn by turn navigation of your location. This is the premium version of the application, you have to purchase it. You can check traffic to your route and its annual subscription is $24.99 only.

6. Genius Maps:

  • Genius Maps is best Offline GPS Navigator for Android users, it does not need any Internet connection to get any location. This is a premium version of the application but you got 7 days free trial for the app. After that, you have to purchase this app. You can do route planning, exploration, and navigation through Genius Map.

7. Polaris GPS Location:

  • Polaris GPS Location or you can say it an all-in-one location navigator. This is one of the best and talkative App for Android users where you can access to Street Maps, MapQuest Maps, and Cycle route Maps. You can also access to so many useful activities like; camping, hunting, and other outdoor fun activities. Polaris GPS Location is free/premium both, so you can get what you want.

Author’s Opinion:

These are Top 7 Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps for Android users, read the full post and watch its features. After that decide which one you want to download. You can also read our new and old posts on our website related to free android tricks for Apps and other problems and their solutions. Keep in touch to know more about our website.

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