Youtube++ Apk (Modded, Add Free, Background Video) Download Latest Version

Today we are going to discuss Youtube++ Apk. YouTube++ 2019 is an amazing entertaining app. Youtube++ offers us many extra features. It works us for daily entertainment like music videos, tutorial videos, guiding videos and many more. Youtube++ crack 2019 is a modified version. The super thing about youtube++ is that it has many extraordinary features like you can play your videos in the background while using other apps, you can even block those annoying ads, you can also download videos to your device and can share with your friends.

Everyone knows about youtube from us to our parents. It is the most viewed website all over the world. But today we’ll introduce you with its modified version”Youtube++”. Youtube++2019 is not as famous as Youtube but for sure better than youtube. I prefer youtube++ rather then the original youtube and everyone should. This app contains many features which we always wished to have on youtube.

Youtube++ is available for many devices and also for Android users. For all youtube lovers, youtube++ 2019  is like a gift package with amazing wished features. I always wished to save the videos from youtube but was never able to and maybe you also hoped. So, know you don’t need to worry as youtube++ offers you this fantastic feature where you can save your favorite videos even on your gallery and can share it with your friends.

What Is Youtube ++?

Youtube ++ Is a Modified Version of youtube Where You can minimize your youtube app. As Well as do other works in the phone without interrupting your videos or song. Sometimes we get important messages while we are listening to music on youtube or watching any video and its essential to text back but if we close the youtube app, then the playing audio and video stop which everyone hated and wanted to play audio and video on the background while using other apps. So, hers a good thing about youtube wishers thatYoutube++ allows you to use another app while playing audio-video on the background.

Have you ever annoyed or distracted by that 5 sec adds while watching your favorite videos on youtube. I think everyone does! So let me go for the second most amazing thing about youtube++ that it allows you to block those irritating adds and help you to watch your video without any distraction. We know youtube also offers its premium version with all these features and you can buy that premium version by paying some amount. which usually people avoid. But you people don’t need to buy that premium version because of #Youtube ++ apk 2019 which offers you all the same features even without any money.

How Youtube++ is better than Youtube:

  1. As we all know youtube++ is offering us many amazing features than the original one so let’s take a look at them:
  2. Youtube++ offers us limitless features as compare to the original youtube.
  3. Youtube++offers us a feature to download the youtube directly on your device whereas youtube doesn’t share this amazing feature
  4. Yotube++ play video and audio in the background while using another app whereas original youtube is not able to do that.
  5. it helps us to block those annoying distracting videos which occur in original youtube.
  6. This also offers us the feature of age restriction disability.
  7. it offers all the youtube premium feature free of cost.

YouTube++ Apk 2019 Features:

Now I am going to highlight the cool and interesting features of YouTube++ Apk:


  • You can easily download videos from YouTube++ Apk to your device in very excellent quality.


  • If you are annoyed with Ads shown in between using Application, then you can block the creepy ads in this App.


  • There are so many cool themes available in the latest version of YouTube++, you can apply those themes in your Application.


  • You are able to listen to music on the background from YouTube while using other applications without any restriction.


  • PIP means “Picture in Picture Mode”, which means you can watch videos while using other applications with the help of the PIP method.


  • In this latest version of YouTube++, you can disable age restriction.


  • You are able to play videos/music automatically with one tap, there is an option for Auto-Play in Application.


  • You can forward/Rewind the video, it can happen as controls with custom number of seconds.

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Download Youtube++ Apk Latest Version:




#YouTube++ APK Download For Android/ iOS/ Windows

Youtube++ app is available on all the devices like Android, IOS and on windows. This is cracked version of the original app so it’s not directly available on the app store just you have to follow the instruction we have given in the post or also acquire from share video. This modified version is all for free to download.

You can download the youtube++ app on an Android device as an apk file. Here we’ll also give some info about IOS and window devices. As IOS users get the youtube++ app as an IPA file and can be installed by Cydia and Window users we have a something for the window users. To install it on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. They can install it on there PC or laptop by first downloading Bluestcks and after that, they can download youtube++ Apk.

1. YouTube++ APK Download For Android:

YouTube++ Apk is easily available on Android Devices, this modified version is free to download. Here I am going to tell you that how can you download YouTube++ Apk for Android with the help of some simple steps:

  1. Allow third party sources to download YouTube++ Apk on your Android Devices.
  2. Now go to the settings of your Android and there is the option of Security, tap on it.
  3. Mark on the checkbox.
  4. Tap “OK” to confirm warning messages.
  5. Now click on the given link to install YouTube++ Apk in your Smartphone.
  6. After downloading the app, complete your profile and enjoy it on your Android Devices for free.

Most people use Youtube on their daily bases and also know its drawbacks very well. one thing that they hate the most are those adds which come the middle of the video so youtube offers its chargeable version to avoid those video but we will suggest you download youtube++ for this as it’s for free.

2. YouTube++ APK Download For iOS:

Here I am going to describe some simple steps to download YouTube++ Apk for iOS:

  1. Firstly, you have to delete the official version of YouTube from your iPhone.
  2. You can download YouTube++ in your iPhone as IPA file.
  3. To download IPA file in your iOS device, firstly you have to install Cydia Impactor from the given link.
  4. After downloading Cydia Impactor, put your Apple ID and Password or new account information in Cydia Impactor.
  5. Now you can easily start the process to download IPA file from Cydia Impactor in your iPhone.
  6. Open your profile with Apple ID and start your application.
  7. Now you can easily use YouTube++ Apk on your iOS device as IPA file.

If you are frequent YouTube user then you know that YouTube always shows annoying ads before playing videos or in the middle of videos. To remove these ads, YouTube Red subscription is needed and it’s chargeable. Indeed, ad-less YouTube Red is limited to some countries. We will discuss more awesome features of YouTube modded app in detail later.

3. Youtube++ Apk For Windows:

Now we will discuss for the window users. How they can download it on the PC or laptop. As they cannot download directly on their device. So I will tell you how can they download just follow the following steps:

  1. First, you have to download  BlueStacks Android Emulator and install it on your PC  or laptop.
  2. Now download YouTube++ APK file from the same link given above in Android section.
  3. Double click on the APK file and it will be directly installed in your blue stacks software.
  4. Open the app and start surfing and downloading videos through youtube++.

NOTE: As we know this is a cracked version so it’s not directly available on the app store so we will tell all the instruction to download it on your android device and you can also learn from the video we have shared in this post.


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#YouTube++ APK Free Download

Youtube offers us its premium version with all the features which we wanted. but there is a big issue with that. we know premium version requires money to get its unlimited feature. As we all discussed above that we can get all these features without paying any money.

So this is the best thing about youtube++, it offers you all the functions and all for free. As youtube++ is the modified and cracked version of original youtube. And both are not interlinked with each other. So youtube++ is not directly available in the play store as we have given all the information about how to download.

YouTube++ is the improved pattern of legal YouTube App that suspends all limitations which you only get while using official YouTube. These limitations are you can’t download any video or playlist from youtube which is not a good thing. But these limitations you will not get on youtube++ as it is limitless.


After reading the full article, you know how good youtube++ is. Youtube++ offers you all its limitless features which we always wished like blocking ads, downloading of videos from youtube++ and last but not least playing video on the background while using other apps. So no one needs more than that If you are getting all these features just for free. So, stop waiting and download it by watching the given video above and enjoy it!


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